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How to address Swollen Eyelids | Kelowna, BC

Ever have a long, good cry? Excessive tearing or crying is often the culprit behind swollen or puffy eyes, yet they can also be due to eye allergies or an eye infection. Knowing what causes swollen eyes can help you understand the form of treatments utilized by your eye care professional.

What makes your eyes look puffy after crying?

Although eyes can swell from a few causes, in the event your eyes produce a lot of tears, such as a foreign particle of dust enters the eye, your eye will ward it off through oily tears. Oily tears are helpful to clean off the eye’s surface, these tears are consistently applied to the eye when you blink and are less noticeable. When someone cries, their eyes release watery based tears that are less salty and greater in quantity. As these tears travel across your face, they often settle around the eyelids where there may be saltier ocular tissues. (This is also a form of osmosis.)

The final accumulation of water at these places causes swelling.

How Eye Allergies lead to Swelling

Eye allergies often create a similar situation, where a person will produce an excessive amount of tears similar to emotional tears. Although eye allergies can vary in the type of reaction, tearing up is a typical cause behind swelling. Less often, eye allergies can simply cause swelling from an allergic reaction as well. Referring to an eye doctor to help address your eye allergy and swelling will help you discover whether you require antihistamines or simply some guidance.

Below are some well known “do it yourself” solutions to reduce swelling:

  • Apply Cold Compresses
  • Apply Pieces of Cucumber or tea bags
  • Massage the fluid to stimulate blood flow
  • Eye Drops
  • Drink more water
  • Use moisturizers & keep clean

Depending on prior medical history, medications, or post-surgery may dictate which form of swelling you have and will likely require consulting your eye doctor for assistance.

Fortunately, most forms of swelling are temporary and harmless.

Do you experience swollen eyelids often? If you’re looking for an eye doctor to address swelling or other eye allergies in Kelowna, BC, visit Glenmore Optometry.

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