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Benefits of Forma-I:

  • Immediate improvements of your dry eye symptoms
  • Safe, comfortable and painless
  • Quick, non-invasive with no downtime
  • Tailored treatment to your specific needs
  • Bonus aesthetic benefits including reduced wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines and tightened skin

What is Forma-I?

Forma-I is an innovative nonsurgical treatment that delivers bipolar radiofrequency technology to the delicate subdermal layers surrounding the eye. The consistent heat delivered during the treatment “melts” the oil clogging your glands and pressure from the movement of the applicator allow for the oils to be expressed.

The Forma I applicator is equipped with built-in temperature controls allowing the device to reach clinically proven optimal temperatures for a precise and safe treatment. High-energy radiofrequency waves generated at a specific depth of skin tissue cause the polar water molecules in the subcutaneous tissue to rotate and vibrate at a high speed, so the skin tissue is heated quickly.

The high temperature stimulates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen and elastic fibers in the periorbital area. It has been found by regaining collagen the meibomian glands are better supported and in some cases reform after treatment.  Allowing an increase in oil to be produced.

For most patients, 4 to 6 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

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